SharedSpaces.com.au has been created to enable organisations and individuals offer their spare office space, desk space, retail space, rooms and car space for short term tenancy. This enables them to fill vacant spaces and earn additional income.

Businesses can offer vacant space for short-term tenants such as pop-up stores. These tenants can help keep sites occupied whilst landlords negotiate a longer term tenant. Others can offer vacant office space to share with other small businesses that require office space but can share office space. Or some businesses may require a prestigious address. Any office space can be offered and shared where there is a large amount of vacant desks.

Individuals can list for share accommodation or to sub-let rooms in houses or units for short term or longer tenancy where there is a need to earn extra income.

Car spaces or garages can also be listed on SharedSpaces where vacancies exist either for short term or longer leases, or where there is desire to earn extra income by offering car spaces during business hours for example.